Brand Makeover Challenge

Youzigner · June 27, 2020

Used to be $497, now 100% FREE!

The free 30 day Brand Makeover Challenge will show you, step-by-step, how to (re) invent your entire brand from scratch..

Week #1: Your Customer Hero

Discover how to craft your customer story so that you can create a brand that is in line with your customer needs

Week #2: Your Brand Strategy

Based on who your Customer Hero is, create a brand strategy in lines with your values including a powerful vision, mission, principles, and more.

Week #3: Your Brand Identity

Building upon the previous 2 weeks, create a beautiful brand identity, including your colors, typefaces, logos, imagery, even if you have zero design experience.

Week #4: Your Message

Discover how to spread your message on several platforms, including launching your own website, updating your social media profiles, and more.

Week #5: Your Visuals

Finally we’ll show you how to create on-brand visuals that will delight your customers using Youzign!

“I didn’t feel like my old brand represented me… it’s a complete turnaround” Shantala

“By going through each steps, I found greater and greater clarity” Mary

“Suddenly you start seeing all this come to life… Your message and your branding being born” Anthony

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