First of all, a warm welcome to the community!

Why A youzign user is called a “youzigner“. So we thought it would be adequate to call this community 🙂

In the future, this community will serve as a social learning platform with groups, forums, live classes and more, but for now it’s sole feature is the ability to take our free Brand Makeover Challenge course!

If you are new here, here is how to get started:

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  1. NOw that i am in … I have found most of my products from zsuite and my access to zsuite have disappeared? Help!

  2. Could someone please post the link to the best training on how to build a website. for newbies? thank you

  3. Hello everyone here. I wuld love to know how much is this YOUZIGNER after 30 days FREE trial ? I just got inside and could not find any info about the future charges and how someone can OPT OUT if wants to do that.

    Thank you for your feedback ! Be blessed !

  4. As I understood by reading other people comments here that there is actually an OFFER for LIFETIME acct.
    Please be so kind to POST that LINK for the LIFE TIME SUBSCRIPTION for YOUZIGNER, as I WANT TO TAKE Advantage of it. Thank you so much ! Be blessed !

  5. My goal is to understand the process and design my own brand, so I can teach others to do the same.

  6. I have been through Bertrands brand marketing program and it is outstanding. Look forward to more learning and interaction.

  7. I already have your software account, but it is not letting me sign up for the 30-day branding challenge

  8. Everything is clear. I am looking forward to acquiring some useful skills in this course. Greetings everyone.

  9. I have an online business. Not sure if this is the place for me or not. Still exploring. What I am looking for is to create a website with my name or branding that will give an order of information that will then link over to the company website as a final resting place to order. Need to know how to funnel more customers successfully and for as little investment of money as possible.

  10. Hi, I did the first week of videos (great!), then had to wait until today to get access to more. It let me watch the Unearthing Purpose one but has now locked me out again until 2 Nov. I have a rare block of available time and really wanted to immerse myself. Don’t understand why I can’t continue? Cheers

    1. Hey Sonia we are still building the final week of the course, hence the drip feeding of modules. We just made week 2 available instantly so you can access it now, please try again!

  11. Hello, I’m new to the youzigner community. I have a question, if I already have Youzign and Gifzign, but I’m interested in getting Mockzign, is there a way to get this separately or do I need to purchase zSuite?

  12. Hi all, I’m a budding e-commerce entrepreneur, my company’s name is Heather Myrtle – it is named after my mother and her mother (their first names) – they have been two strong women in my life. They have both passed away a number of years ago, but I still draw inspiration from them.
    I’m hoping this challenge will help me nail my brand and a logo – I have been struggling to get something I like that means something too. I have a few different parts to my business – being providing digital marketing to small businesses, helping people to save money and build wealth through referral programs I have access to and also a little bit of eco-friendly activity that helps the environment and I’m hoping to dabble in some eco-friendly products. Phew – I know it’s a lot, maybe that’s why I’m having trouble nailing it. I’m sure this challenge will help me. Oh and lastly I’m in Australia – Melbourne, Victoria.
    Cheers, Deb

  13. I am in! Does anybody know where I should look to find my API token? I have my Api KEY (arrived in the welcome email), but I can’t find the token…..